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Saturday, August 11, 2012

On Day 314: A Babe Is Born

August 5, 2012 - Quinn's Birthday Story

Saturday the 4th we had a busy day, we spent hours getting lost in the vastness of the Long Island IKEA, picking up a few things here and there and pricing out new some furniture for Cole's room back home. Afterwards we continued the day running a few more errands as Erv's paternity leave had begun that weekend. We agreed if we didn't have the baby by Sunday that he would go back to work on Monday and save his time, so I was determined to have this child! I had contractions, about 8 minutes apart almost the whole day. We went to bed later that night after I stated to Ervin that I just couldn't believe with all the contractions I'd been getting for weeks that my water hadn't broken yet.

12:00 AM on the dot. I awoke to a large gush in bed. I told Erv "grab some towels, my water broke" and I believe his response was "a paper towel?" "NO! Towels, I'm gushing water."
Of course the water had already gone through our poor mattress this time. Time for a new one!  I texted my doula who didn't respond until I called her a half hour later. She said since my contractions hadn't picked up yet to just take it easy and call her when they did. Around 1:30 that happened and it happened fast. They were 5 minutes apart and all the sudden they were 5, then 3, then 5, then 3 etc minutes apart. Ervin was still sleeping through some of this but started to awaken. We needed to get Cole over to our friend Jamie's house but at this point it was getting so intense that I was afraid of being left alone. I called my doula again and asked if I should go to the hospital or if she was gonna get over here and she told me she was heading over and to get in the bathtub to slow things down some. The water helped a lot with the pain but I was finding them increasingly difficult to manage, with a lot of pain initially in the front and a lot in my back too. Running hot water over my back helped. I made a lot of loud moaning sounds after our angel of a friend offered to come and get Cole so Ervin didn't have to leave me. I wonder if anyone else in the neighboring apartments heard me! Some of the sounds were like an animal being wounded. Around 3:30 or 4 my doula Olga arrived and all shame being out the window, she massaged my back while I was in my own birthday suit in the tub. After a mere half hour we decided to go to the hospital.

She had to take her own car so we figured it was best for me to lie in the back of our car with pillows. I tried leaving the house a couple of times but kept getting hit through contractions, which I was terrified to walk or stand through. We made it to the car and after 5 whopping contractions in the car while I screamed in the backseat and gripped the head rest in front of me, we made it there. It was about a 15 minute drive where Erv later told me he drove about 70 mph. Upon admittance to triage they checked me and said I was a 6 and 90% effaced. That was good news. My goal was to go all natural without drugs so that was good progress. However, after being there for another two hours and going through excruciating contractions that seemed to pick up in intensity but slow down - I was only a 7 and 100%. I started having doubts and thinking about the epidural. It didn't work for me  (only on one side, doubling the pain on the other) initially for my first birth for 1 hour or so and had to be redone so I was against it. I thought if I had been an 8 or 9 at that point that I could've powered through. But, it felt like my back was splitting apart. It looked like the movies where people are in labor screaming except I had torn off my gown because it kept falling off anyways. I was there to have this baby, not be in a fashion show.

I asked for the epidural but since I had planned on not having it I only had a hep-lock, not an IV, so I had to wait for the IV to fill me up with 1/2 hours worth of fluid. That was a long wait. When the anesthesiologist came in and wanted to start the epidural I told her it was a good time since I'd JUST had a contraction and then all the sudden I was having another one and another. There seemed to be no break and she told me she didn't know if she could do it with so many. I was clearly in transition at this point. Ervin and Olga, my saviors who had been helping me through these with massage and counter-pressure on my back had to leave the room for this time - and I was terrified of how I was going to hold absolutely still for 10 minutes without them, sitting up and leaning over. Luckily there was a kind nurse there named Rachel that helped me by standing in front of me and helping me breathe through 5 of them. Then, midway through they lost part of the epidural kit and had to make me wait another excruciating five minutes. After it was done I had to lay on my back for 20 minutes, the hardest position to handle, while the medicine did it's job. After that 20 minutes, my contractions started to become much less painful. and my legs got tingly. All the sudden I felt extreme pressure on my tailbone and new it was time to push. Sure enough I was a 10. After 10 or so minutes, or 3 sets of pushes, Quinn was born at 8:37. Luckily I hardly felt anything.  I was shocked to see this little baby weighed a whopping 8.95 lbs and was 21.10 inches long. Cole had been only 7.7 and was born at 40 weeks, 3 days, one day later than Quinn.

My doula Olga

On the phone with my parents telling them about Quinn

Dad and his two sons

Dad napping with Quinn (he has his earplugs in) LOL

I left the hospital after just one night, wanting to be back at home. Being home with a new baby has been an adjustment for our family. Cole is a bit jealous. We are working on it! I am nursing but struggling and just trying to take one day at a time. The baby is the easiest part of it all though. He is such a docile little angel who hardly ever cries and such a doll. In another 6 weeks we have another big change coming at us - moving back home.

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  1. So great to read the whole story! What a wonderful little family you have, I am so excited for you all! XOXOXOXO! -Jamie